Vacant property management services

Vacant management is vital for properties, If you own a property in London but only use it occasionally and you would like to ensure it is safe and secure. There can be unplanned emergencies i.e leak or flooding, alarms going off.  There will be bills arriving at your property that are to be paid.

Landlord Tenant Mediation

If you are based overseas and own a property in London, it can be stressful, costly and inconvenient to try and resolve problems or look after a property via long distance and even if you try to, you still need someone near the property to oversee contractors. The home insurance also has to be considered as under some policies, if the property is not inhabited or visited regularly, then insurance can be invalid.

How to be a landlord

We offer an attentive vacant property management service where you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands and that vital maintenance and administration are taken care of wherever you may be.

How to protect your portfolio

It is important to have a peace of mind throughout the year.

We’ll look after your property as if it were our own so you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that your home is regularly monitored and any problems taken care of. With our team of contractors, we can also help keep your property in good condition and maintain its value. With no third parties involved, we can assure quality and guarantee all our refurbishment work.

Maintenance Tips for Landlords

A vacant management service includes:
  • Periodic visits a property to make sure all is in order
  • Arranging maintenance and repairs
  • Dealing with any emergencies
  • Collecting and forwarding mail
  • Payment of bills
  • Arranging cleaning services
  • Key holding
  • Response to alarm activations
  • Arranging and overseeing refurbishment and redecoration

Landlord Tenant Relationship

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