Landlord Investment Tips

In this Category, you will find all the Landlord Investment Tips that we could suggest from our long experience.

Surely many of you have heard horror stories about rental properties: some people lose their money and then warn everybody they know not to ever buy rental properties.

As always, listening to people without researching is a big mistake.

Over the years, at Blue Crystal Property Managment West London we’ve been working with hundreds of very successful rental properties.

So, we share in this category our Landlord Investment Tips.

You will learn how to buy a rental property and make it become a good rental property investment.

You might become a landlord accidentally. If you have to move for whatever reason, you can’t sell their house and then try and get some income from renting it.

If you’ve never been a landlord, you might have no idea what you’re doing.

Our Landlord Investment Tips help you avoid losing money or having issues.

You can become a great rental property owner and a great landlord.

How to calculate your rental yield

How to calculate your rental yield

WHAT IS RENTAL YIELD? Thinking of purchasing a buy-to-let property? Prospective landlords need to familiarise themselves with the term ‘annual rental yield’. This is the gross amount of rent an owner is likely to receive over the course of a year. If you’re new to...
Is buy to let investment right for you

Is buy to let investment right for you

Are buy to let properties a good investment? A buy to let property investment is right for you if you prefer investments that are more tangible than stocks and shares. Are willing to tie up your money for a long period of time You accept that property prices can go...