Landlord and tenant mediation

A mediation takes place where an impartial person assists the disputing parties to resolve their conflict. The method of delivery for the service can be by phone.

With the current COVID-19 situation and the announcement that court proceedings for evictions are suspended and that notice periods have been extended to three months, with the option of being extended to six months, it is more important than ever for landlords and tenants to try to discuss and come to an arrangement on tenancy matters.

Landlord Insurances

The remit of the mediation is to help landlord and tenants to resolve issues that may have arisen during their tenancy or to help the parties to end a tenancy. These issues could relate to rent payments being made by a tenant and or other issues that have developed and require resolution to prevent the matter progressing to court. Where there are other issues that have arisen we will expect both parties to be reasonable in their positions to help reach an agreement to prevent the matter from proceeding to court.

Tenancies during Covid-19

Types of disputes

Mediation can help with different types of disputes as:

  • property standards
  • repairs
  • entry rights
  • unprotected tenancy deposits
  • late rent or arrears
  • evictions or delayed evictions
  • breach of tenancy terms
  • noise or anti-social behaviour

Recent Repossession Rules

Landlords and tenants have disagreements which sometimes end up in court. Going to court isn’t the only way to resolve issues and is often costly and takes time.

Mediation can take place when the landlord and tenant agree to try and resolve their issues by talking either face to face or over the phone, with a member of the mediation team also there.

Tenant Eviction Ban

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