What makes a good and dependable tenant? The Good Tenant Guide

  • Responds to all questions in detail prior to tenancy agreement and provides all information

They complete the application fully with all the necessary proof and referee contact details included. It needs to clearly identify that the potential tenant can meet rent payments and take good care of the property.

Can landlords have tax efficiency and flexibility?

  • Has a good track record

When requested references from the previous property management or landlord; they can provide you with statements showing rent paid on time and you are also provided with good character references.

A good tenant should have excellent references.

What are tenancy disputes?

  • Easy to Communicate with and are Respectful

A good tenant is easy to deal with and responds within a reasonable time to calls and messages. A good tenant is understanding and friendly to deal with.

How to achieve high property rental yields

  • Pay Rent on time

A good tenant always pays their rent on time. If something happens that negatively affects a tenants financial situation and the rent becomes unaffordable, a landlord will appreciate honest communication about the issue. When a good tenant cannot afford their rent, they sign a deed of surrender and vacate the property as soon as possible.

While a tenant isn’t required to share all their personal information with their landlord, they are required to pay their rent throughout the lease term. If rent payments suddenly stop being paid, the landlord (via the property manager) will have no choice but to move forward with an eviction.

How to calculate your rental yield

  • Accommodating

A good tenant is accommodating and understanding with access requirements during the tenancy with minimum inconvenience to all.

  • Looks after the Property

A good tenant takes pride in taking care of the property during their tenancy.   Normal wear and tear is expected, but preventing property damage by tenants is ideal.

Good tenants care about where they live and how they live. That means the property needs to be clean and tidy. So that when routine inspections take place, the property already looks good.

How to assess wear and tear at your rental property

  • Maintenance Issues are Communicated

Even a small leak can turn into a major cost issue for a landlord. A good tenant will notify their property manager when they notice any maintenance issue that may require attention.

Property Managers can provide options for tenants to submit maintenance requests e.g. via email, which can easily be tracked and monitored until the issue is resolved.

How to keep good tenants

  •  Follows the terms of the Tenancy Agreement

A standard lease will prohibit criminal activities on the property or any conduct that threatens the safety of the community. A good tenant will follow the rules as well as other lease terms.

Other lease terms that a bad tenant might break typically involve property alterations or having pets without permission, or loud gatherings that disturb neighbours right to quiet enjoyment..

How to manage your rental property effectively

  • Renew the Lease

Managing tenant turnover is costly and time consuming for a landlord. An ideal tenant will want to renew their tenancy agreement and ideally live at the same rental property for many years.

In a perfect world, the tenant would meet every quality of a good tenant, which would make the long-term tenancy even more ideal for the property owner
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