People can be busy with their lives, work and family commitments so that they simply do not have time to look after a property. Property managers take over landlords responsibilities so that they can get on with their lives and focus on more important matters in their lives.

What should you look for in a property manager;

  • Experience: It is important to find out how many properties are in their portfolio? How long have they been working for the same company? You want a property manager who has a long term history with the company, who is knowledgeable and consistent and above all responsible.

Fair wear and tear guide for landlords

  • Trained and educated: Are they well educated and trained within the company? Are they being supported withing the team and being mentored constantly?

What is a property redress scheme?

  • Customer Service Skills: Are they able to be conscientious, respectful and patient, while communicating? A good property manager comes across professional, able to explain situations well and able to listen to their client.

Handling an end of tenancy

  • Have in depth knowledge about property: Are they educated in the property sector? Do they have property sector knowledge at all? Are they attending regular courses? Have they managed many properties for many years? Do they know how to save money for their landlords? It is vital that they have good knowledge of how a property functions.

What is landlord liability insurance

  • Assertiveness: A good property manager is able to say no and stand her/his ground when necessary. It really is a balancing act. They communicate well with tenants and contractors checking the quality of work carried out.

Why do you need a residential tenancy agreement

  • Efficient and Organised: A good property manager is efficient and always deals with the foundation/root of the issue and resolving it for good, ensures an issue is dealt with once and for all. With great organisational skills, they can tackle many issues in a short space of time, while making good decisions.

How to avoid tenancy disputes

  • Communication Skills: A good property manager updates the landlord and tenant on a regular basis and explains situations well. Clear and concise communication is essential to reduce disputes and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

What are right to rent checks

  • Have an investor mindset: A good property manager always looks for ways to add value to your property whilst dealing with issues.

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