Vacant property management services

Vacant property management is the perfect solution for property owners who need assistance with the running of their home, and who spend time away from their property.

It ensures that property owners enjoy the reassurance that their property is being well cared for while they are away. Also, that it’s ready for them when they arrive back, without incurring the significant costs of engaging a full-time housekeeper.

Property Inspection Checklist

What does vacant property management include:

Carrying out 2 weekly inspections on your property

  • Ensuring you are compliant with your insurers, a vacant property manager reports back to you regularly. Eventually, they fix any problems as they may arise.
  • Check central heating and cooling systems are fully functional and protecting the property against the elements and severe weather conditions.
  • Check security systems are fully operational and there are no signs of tampering.
  • Inspect the external areas to ensure the site is secure with no signs of break-ins or vandalism.
  • Provide regular reporting submitted to you, the property owner.

What are your fire safety responsibilities?

24-hour emergency response service and key holding service

  • This works for access day or night in case of any emergencies. Also, it’s needed for maintenance works required outside of normal working hours.
  • Liaise with the neighbours, Building Manager or Police. So, they have our contact should they notice anything out of the ordinary in between our visits.
  • Have a dedicated out of hours department covering emergency call-outs during evenings, weekends and Bank Holiday periods.

Landlord Insurance Explained

Access to trusted contractor network

  • A vacant property management agent works with carefully selected, reliable and cost-effective suppliers. Also, they arrange on your behalf contractor and engineer visits, such as plumbers, electricians, cleaners.
  • A vacant property management agent also deals with all usual Property Management related matters as they arise

4 things to do before hiring a contractor

Acting as your point of contact 

  • Collecting and forwarding mail, paying bills, liaising with utility suppliers and ensuring that any service charges are made on time.
  • Manage postal redirection or scan important correspondence direct to you
  • Take regular meter readings

How to be an effective property manager?

There’s no place like home 

  • A vacant property management agent makes sure when you arrive back your home is ready and waiting for you – exactly as you’d like it.

Vacant property management also includes property refurbishment/furnishing and housekeeping services.

A vacant property can sometimes be a vulnerable property.

So, whether you are currently trying to sell, are working abroad for a few months or not intending to return to your home for a while, a Vacant Property Management Service can work for you.

Vacant property management agents act as key holders and will visit your property regularly to carry out routine checks.

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