What are the signs of a good tenant?

1- A good tenant pays the rent fully and on time

A good tenant pays the rent on time. The landlord-tenant relationship revolves around regular rent payments in exchange for a place to live and pay the rent on time. Most likely, the landlord depends on the rent to make the mortgage payment on the rental property so a late payment would be an inconvenience.

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2- A good tenant treats the property as if it is his own

Another of the signs of a good tenant is that they take pride in ownership of the property. By taking care of it, they will ensure the return of their deposit and also builds a great landlord-tenant relationship and keeps the property in tip-top condition.

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3- A good tenant communicates maintenance issues clearly and immediately

Even a small leak can turn into a big expensive problem for a landlord. A tenant must notify their landlord when they notice any maintenance issue that requires attention immediately before it becomes a bigger issue.

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4- A good tenant has a low maintenace behaviour

While a landlord values great communication from their tenant, a tenant who is demanding and needing constant attention would drain your energy. A dream tenant tries to resolve issues on your own, just read your lease and  follow lease terms, before contacting your landlord.

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5- A good tenant does not allow anybody to live with him who is not on the lease

The lease agreement is designed to protect both the landlord and the tenants. It needs to be signed by individuals over 18 living in the rental property. A good tenant would notify the landlord of anyone moving into the property.

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6- A good tenant keeps the property clean and tidy

A good tenant will keep the property clean, pest-proof and cause no damage it. If the tenant does not handover the house cleaned and in good condition, therefore the tenant would be liable for repairs and cleaning. How to chose the best tenants

7-  A good tenant renews the lease.

Managing tenant turnover is expensive and time consuming for a landlord. A dream tenant will want to renew their lease and occupy the property for a long time.

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8- A good tenant keeps up with tenant maintenance.

While the majority of maintenance responsibilities fall on the landlord, tenants may be required to:

  • maintain some appliances,
  • manage lawn care,
  • change air filters
  • or replace smoke detector batteries,

it all depends on the lease. A tenant’s maintenance responsibilities should be outlined in the rental agreement so they understand their contractual obligation in regards to maintaining the property properly. Buying a property to develop and rent out

9- A good tenant follows lease terms.

The last of the signs of a good tenant is that they follow the lease terms. A standard lease will prohibit any illegal activity on the property or any behaviour that threatens the safety of the community. A good tenant will uphold these rules as well as other lease terms. Other lease terms that a bad tenant might break typically involve pets or loud parties that disturb neighbours. Beyond failure to pay rent, lease violations like these constitute legitimate grounds for eviction, which is expensive and stressful for all landlords.

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