Rental property inspection checklist

There is absolutely no limit to what you can check during a property inspection, but make sure you do not impose on your tenant`s privacy.  Therefore, focus on having a good relationship with your tenant while going through the property inspection.

This kind of home inspection helps you identify issues before they become a major problem, and understand if your property is being looked after.
Remember: you must give tenants at least 24 hours of notice before visiting the property, and mutually agree the time.

This Property Inspection Checklist is a guide.

When in doubt, please speak with a legal expert.

Landlord safety inspection checklist:

There are certain things landlords must maintain during a tenancy to rent a property legally.

Check that the following safety tools are working properly:

  • Smoke alarms on each floor of the property (Read more: What are your fire safety responsibilities?)
  • Carbon monoxide detectors in any room with fuel-burning devices
  • Adequate provisions for heating, water, and electricity
  • Access to escape routes at all times
  • Electrical fittings and appliances provided by the landlord are safe to use.

Illegal activity and breach of tenancy agreement:

It’s important to check your property isn’t being used for any illegal purpose, and tenants are keeping up with their responsibilities in the tenancy agreement.

Check for the evidence of:

  • Farming illegal substances (Read more: How to find good tenants?)
  • An excessive number of visitors
  • Subletting or unauthorised occupation, such as excessive belongings or mail
    addressed to anyone other than current or previous tenants
  • Unauthorised pets, such as animal hair, paraphernalia, and smells
  • Smoking, such as ashtrays, cigarette butts, smoke, and nicotine-stained walls

Landlord health and sanitation checklist

The property should be free from health hazards and enable tenants to live there comfortably.

  • Plumbing is adequate and there are no leakages (Read more: How can you keep your tenants happy?)
  • Drains unblocked both internally and externally
  • There is no evidence of mould, particularly in-between grout lines and on windowsills
  • Working extractor fans and adequate ventilation
  • Evidence of pests and infestation, such as droppings, holes and gnaw marks, dead bugs,
    and nests
  • Property cleaned to a reasonable domestic standard
  • Property free from hazardous debris
  • Any outside space reasonably maintained.

Residential tenancy condition report

During the property inspection, keep an eye out for any damage, deterioration, or faulty equipment. This will vary depending on your property.

Ensure you maintain the following elements adequately:

  • Doors and windows open and lock properly (Read more: How to ensure buy to let success?)
  • Floors and floor coverings.
  • Furniture provided by the landlord.
  • Walls.
  • Tenants did not do any unauthorised decoration.
  • Handrails are fitted securely.
  • If there’s a loft or attic, give them a glance, too.

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