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Hammersmith is a lively district located in southwest London, known for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse communities, and rich cultural offerings. Situated alongside the River Thames, Hammersmith covers approximately 6.33 square kilometres (2.44 square miles) and boasts picturesque views and abundant green spaces, providing a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike.

Property management in Hammersmith

We are a Chiswick-based property management services company, working with property owners to provide complete solutions for all property matters in many London boroughs including Hammersmith. With its diverse mix of properties, ranging from charming Victorian houses to modern apartments, we offer a wide range of property management services in the area.

One of the key aspects of our property management services in Hammersmith is tenant management. We oversee the entire tenant lifecycle, from advertising vacancies and screening potential tenants to handling lease agreements, rent collection, and addressing maintenance issues promptly.
Additionally, our property management services in Hammersmith include comprehensive property maintenance.

Our landlords and tenants enjoy well-maintained properties and communal areas because Blue Crystal coordinates regular inspections, maintenance tasks, and repairs to uphold the property’s condition and value.

We are well-versed in the local regulations and legal requirements. We ensure that properties comply with all necessary standards and regulations, including safety codes, licensing, and insurance for your peace of mind. By staying up to date with the latest legal developments, our property managers help protect property owners from potential liabilities and legal disputes.

Main property options in Hammersmith

In Hammersmith, there is a diverse range of property options available, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Some of the main property options in Hammersmith include:

  • Victorian Houses: Hammersmith is known for its charming Victorian houses, characterised by their elegant architecture, period features, and spacious layouts. These properties often appeal to families and individuals seeking a blend of historical charm and modern amenities.
  • Modern Apartments: The district offers a variety of modern apartments, ranging from sleek and contemporary high-rise developments to boutique apartment buildings. These properties are popular among young professionals, couples, and individuals looking for convenient city living.
  • Georgian and Edwardian Properties: Hammersmith also boasts Georgian and Edwardian properties, showcasing classic design elements and architectural details from these eras. These homes exude a sense of elegance and character, attracting those with a taste for timeless style.
  • Riverside Properties: Given its location along the River Thames, Hammersmith features a selection of desirable riverside properties, offering picturesque views and a tranquil living experience. These homes are highly sought after for their exclusive locations and proximity to green spaces.
  • Period Conversions: Many period buildings in Hammersmith have been converted into modern flats and apartments, combining historic charm with contemporary living spaces. These conversions appeal to buyers looking for unique and characterful homes.
  • New Developments: Hammersmith has seen ongoing urban development, leading to the creation of new residential complexes and mixed-use projects. These developments offer state-of-the-art amenities, energy-efficient features, and a fresh architectural approach.
  • Commercial Spaces: Hammersmith also provides various commercial properties suitable for businesses, including office spaces, retail units, and coworking spaces. The district’s central location and excellent transport links make it an attractive choice for businesses.

History of Hammersmith

The history of Hammersmith is a rich tapestry that dates back centuries. In the early mediaeval period, Hammersmith was a rural village surrounded by fields and meadows. By the 17th century, it began to grow and attract notable residents, including the Bishop of London, who constructed a palace in the area.

Hammersmith Bridge, an iconic landmark, was first constructed in 1827 as a suspension bridge, connecting Hammersmith to Barnes on the opposite side of the Thames. The current bridge, a stunning cast-iron structure designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette, was completed in 1887 and remains an essential feature of the district.

During the 19th century, Hammersmith experienced significant urbanisation and industrial growth. In the 20th century, Hammersmith saw continued development, becoming a significant commercial and transportation hub. The construction of the Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre in the 1960s further enhanced the district’s retail and commercial offerings.

What the area is like today

Hammersmith today remains a vibrant and highly sought-after area within London. It offers a diverse mix of residential options, from charming Victorian and Edwardian homes to modern apartments, attracting families, young professionals, and students. With excellent transport links, including the Hammersmith Underground station and the Hammersmith Bridge, the district provides easy access to various parts of the city.

Hammersmith thrives as a cultural and entertainment hub, with iconic venues like the Hammersmith Apollo and the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, while its location along the River Thames offers riverside amenities and picturesque walks. Additionally, the area serves as a significant commercial centre, with office spaces, retail outlets, and vibrant community events adding to its lively and inclusive atmosphere.

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