Keeping tenants happy

How could you keep your tenants happy?

It takes time, effort and money to attract the best tenants for your rental home, it would make sense to start it off well and keep them at your property as long as the relationship is functioning in harmony.

How can you attract the best tenants?

We have prepared a list to check with to ensure you are doing the right things….

Be openly explain to your tenants the rules of your rental home at the beginning of the tenancy, if they don’t know them, they can not follow them.

Tenant screening check list

Make sure you walk and talk through your property with them, provide them with a property you can be proud of, how you maintain the property says a lot about you and the tenants you will attract.

Repairs must be taken care of immediately, it is one the main issues that a tenant has when the landlord does not deal with them or takes their time.

Stay in touch with your tenants often especially in the first month, remember there maybe issues that can only be detected once someone occupy it that is not visible to the eye. They may need to communicate with you on a regular basis at the beginning, make yourself available.

Give them a welcome card and let them know you are there for their reasonable requests and discussions within reason. You will guide them through your property.

Train your tenants to make the rental payment on time. They must be made aware you are in check with your bank payments, send them letters on time if they have missed a payment date, tenants need to be aware you will not tolerate mistreatment to your property or a non-payment. You set the standards….

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