how must insurers handle claims

What can you claim for

Check the terms of your cover, depending on your cover, you can claim for:

  • Damage to your building.

  • Lost, damaged or stolen contents.

  • Property owner’s liability.

  • Loss of rent and rent guarantee.

  • Home emergency and boiler breakdown.

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You can either handle the insurance claim process yourself or use a loss assessor.

Handling the insurance claim

When claiming yourself:

  1. Call the claims number.
  2. Explain the details of your claim.
  3. Follow their advice on cover details.
  4. Send necessary paperwork or pictures.
  5. You may need to meet an assessor.

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Whatever type of insurance claim you make, it’s always a relief to receive a quick settlement. Delays can have severe financial consequences especially when a property is inhabitable.

This is why many landlords recognise the benefits of using a Loss Assessor if they need to make an insurance claim. It can be an overwhelming burden, especially if the landlord lives a long way from the property, has a full-time job, or has many rental properties. Having to deal with a complicated insurance claim as well as loss adjusters, surveyors, and contractors, can be unmanageable.

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Benefits of using a Loss Assessor

A landlord’s insurance claim often entails far more than just the reinstatement of the property and replacement of lost or damaged contents. Using a Loss Assessor can help, particularly when it comes to more technical aspects of the claim. These may be:

  • Disputes over whether the landlord has met statutory obligations over equipment installed in the property.
  • Dealing with the tenants themselves, particularly over whether they or the landlord are liable for elements of the claim. They may not have taken out the right insurance and may expect more than they are entitled to.
  • The extent of lost rental income; what is covered and for how long?
  • Alternative accommodation for tenants if the property is uninhabitable; should this be provided and, if so, who pays for it?
  • Dealing with malicious damage caused by tenants; how do you prove this and how do you recover the costs?

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Using a Loss Assessor would mean that a professional will take the whole process over and ensure the landlord receives what they deserve under the terms of their insurance policy as soon as possible.

In addition to the points listed above, if you decide to use a Loss Assessor to handle your insurance claim, then you should expect the following from them:

  • Organising immediate specialist flood or fire restoration works and emergency repairs.
  • Putting together the buildings, landlords contents, and any other relevant insurance claim. This would include calculating and compiling a claim for loss of rent if insurance has been taken out to cover this.
  • Handling all communications and attending all meetings with the insurer and their loss adjuster.
  • Exploring with you all your options for reinstating the property, as well as help with choosing a specialist independent chartered surveyor and building contractors. Alternatively, negotiating a cash settlement if you would prefer this.
  • Supervising the surveyor and contractors carrying out the reinstatement of the property, ensuring you have a full say in how this is carried out.

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What if your claim is rejected?

Your insurer may refuse to pay your claim if:

  • Your policy does not cover the cause of the specific damage to your property.
  • You are claiming for general wear and tear, e.g. carpet stains.
  • You failed to report your claim quickly enough, e.g. within 24 hours.
  • Or you have not tried to prevent further damage, e.g. boarding up broken windows.
  • You gave incorrect information when you took out cover or made your claim.
  • You have not updated your insurer with changes to your circumstances.

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