In this article, we would like to give you some tips to learn how to find the right tenant. This will mean, for you as a landlord: constant cash flow, rent paid on time and no voids.

So how to do you find them and make sure they want to rent your property?

First of all, you MUST make sure that your property (and you, as a landlord) complies with all the legal obligations.

How to find the right tenant, presenting the property well

Make sure the property is clean and odour-free inside and out. If it’s been vacant, arrive early and open the windows to allow some air to circulate, and pick up any post that’s collected. Make sure it has been professionally cleaned and kept tidy, including the garden. Read more: The importance of check-in inventory

Rent – be competitive

Ask for a realistic level of rent and review if necessary.

Research your target market: who are you trying to appeal to? Is it families, single professionals or couples? Make the property appealing to them. Décor, fixtures and fittings, furnishings and any included extras could make the difference between yours and another property. Read more:  How to manage a long distance property rental?

Know who your tenants are is essential if you want to understand how to find the right tenant

Before you accept a tenant, get as clear as possible who is moving into your property. Interview them. Check your tenants’ past and current employment status. Take up references from previous landlords. Arrange for a 3rd party to carry out a credit check. Read more: How to ensure your rental property is safe?

Keeping them happy is the next step after you learnt how to find the right tenant

Once your tenants are on the property, carry out periodical checks. Make sure you keep the tenants informed of when you’ll be visiting. Poor maintenance and management are two of the tenants’ biggest complaints about landlords. So, respond to queries or complaints as soon as possible and keep on top of any necessary repairs and replacements. This will keep your tenants feel looked after and provide them with a comfortable home. So, they will want to extend their stay at your home.
Being a successful landlord is all down to planning. If you follow the above steps and keep your tenants happy, you’re more likely to have a stress-free time and enjoy the rewards of your property investment. Read more: How can you keep your tenants happy?

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