Happy tenant

So what are the top 5 tips of having happier tenants.

Be in contact more

Tenants are not always the most forthcoming of groups, so from time to time, it can be a good idea for letting agents tear down the barriers and get more insight information. Don’t just assume that because a tenant has not been in touch that they are happy and content. Some will leave things to simmer away for a while rather than report them, but it can be as easy as a simple phone call to check in and make sure to just let them know you care about their issues and to get problems solved quickly.

Communicate effectively

When someone does get in touch with you about a problem, strong communication is absolutely vital. Tenants often complain that when they make a report of an issue, they never hear back for days or even weeks, and it can be frustrating. Make a commitment to changing this, and ensure that whenever a tenant gets in touch, you reply to them as soon as you can, even if it’s just to give them an update on progress and reassure them you are looking into things.

Future proof lettings

If you want a tenant to be a long-term fixture in your property, it can be a good idea to not just leave any changes you want to make until they move out. Ask the tenant for a chance to inspect the property, and assess whether furnishings and decor could do with a little modernising and sprucing up for the year ahead. The fact you pay attention and want to improve their surroundings can help put a smile on your tenant’s face early in the new year.

Be quick on the draw

Of course, most of the changes and work that will be carried out on any rental home will actually come after the tenant has requested it or reported a problem. Resolve this year that whenever such issues do arise, you make sure work is carried out as soon as possible. Tenants hate to have to wait, so having one or two contractors you know you can rely on to hand can make a big difference in getting stuff done quickly and keeping tenants happy.

Get tenants settled in

Increasingly, one of the biggest concerns of tenants is what they are going to be doing in the future, because they never know how long they are going to be living in one place. Where possible, it can be a good idea to tackle these worries and offer tenants the chance to sign longer tenancy agreements. Not only does this give them the long-term security they are after, but it can also secure income for an extended period for the agent as well.

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