How to choose an estate agent to sell your home

Your home most likely is the most valuable asset you have, if you think about it, when you make an offer in London and proceed with the transaction, it is probably worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases millions. At times we make decisions after seeing about 15-20 properties and make an offer.

When it comes to choosing an agent to sell your property, there are a few routes you can take.
  1. You can chose an agent who just sold a property or two in the same road or next road, check that the valuation is the correct value and you are not under marketing it.
  2. Speak with neighbours, friends and family and get recommendations and find out how their agent handled their property sale, did they handle it professionally, did they get the best price, was it a smooth transaction.
  3. Your estate agent is a reflection of you so I certainly would not advice you to instruct the agent who offers the lowest fee. The fee may reflect their ability to sell and cut marketing costs or chose staff members who are not experienced, not well presented, not so good at selling.
  4. Make sure they work with professional photographers and market on well known property websites and order well designed property details.
  5. I would certainly recommend anyone to put their property on the market with 2 agents at the same time. This would create competition to sell between agents so both agents will work hard on selling your property quickly and getting you the highest price possible.
  6. It is highly recommended to go with an estate agent that has lots of properties on the market at or around the price range of your home. This will bring in plenty of your buyers in your price range to the estate agency, they might already have your buyer registered. Buyers tend to view all properties that is in their price range, requested specification and acceptable location. At times they might be open minded and view properties that are out of their desired list and be open minded about their options.

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