Are your tenants away on their big summer vacation or their family Christmas holiday?

Here is a checklist you may wish to be aware of before they leave:

1 – Check with your insurance company

Make sure your landlord insurance is up-to-date and covers the property while your tenants are away. If anything happens, it is best to be covered and prepared. It would be a good idea to encourage your tenants to get contents insurance if they haven’t already. What you need to consider before refurbishing your rental property?

2 – Remind your tenants to turn everything off at the sockets

The fridge should remain on and ideally empty of anything that may go off while the tenants are away. You should switch off at the socket everything else. Also, you should remove plugs in order to ensure that no residual charges flow through the appliances. Current Buy to Let Lending Rules

3 – Ask your tenant if you can carry out maintenance work

Completing maintenance work is necessary and can cause less hassle if you can do it when your tenants are away – especially if there are any larger, more time-consuming projects that need to be carried out. Summer is the perfect time to ensure the property is winter-proof and in good condition. An added bonus of doing this is that the property will appear to be occupied and it will keep it safer. Red flags of Tenant screening

4 – Make sure they lock everything up

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but with heatwaves in the summers, having windows open all day and night may have become second nature to your tenants. This means that they may forget some smaller windows, like in the bathroom, in a rush to get to the airport or train station. Remind your tenants that, while airing out the property is a good thing, they need to close all windows and doors when no one is home.

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