It is well known; It all comes down to location, location, location. To be more specific, the proximity of the property to key transport links, tube, train or Elizabeth line. A property that would provide the tenant with mobility.
It is common knowledge that 75% of tenants want to live 5-10 minutes walking distance from the transport links and most prefer to be 30-40 minute commute to work.

How to identify the best areas to invest?

Any area that has signs regeneration is taking place, lots of cranes, developments would be a clue. This is followed by investors coming to the area and taking up retail and commercial spaces.

Outer area such as Croydon, Colindale, Royal Docks and Canning Town are expected to generate good returns with a low entry cost, anticipated to increase due to regeneration plans.

Consider what type of investment you are looking to make

  • New build
  • Property in a regeneration area
  • Property in an already established area

Which one is right for you depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. There is no right or wrong answer….

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