From our experience, here are 14 kitchen decorating ideas on a budget to make your tenants happy!

  1. Paint your cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a new look. With a cream background, it’s easy to give your kitchen a fresh feel by choosing from the latest colours available.
  2. Install new worktops Dramatically change the look of your kitchen by replacing your existing worktops. Laminate is the most cost-effective to purchase. If you have spare cash, consider extras, such as heat rods that can be fitted into the surface for a permanent pan stand or a built-in draining board. How to avoid tenancy void periods?
  3. Update your kitchen floor. If your current kitchen floor is letting the scheme down, you don’t need to go through the hassle of taking it all up as you can lay new flooring on top. Most kitchen designers will advise that you can simply run it underneath the plinths, instead of wall-to-wall, which cuts your costs further. How can you keep your tenants happy
  4. Improve Kitchen Storage. It’s amazing how much we accumulate over the years. Try setting aside an afternoon to sort out your kitchen cupboards, then organise them so you have access to the things you use every day. Clearing your worktops can also instantly improve your kitchen and it won’t cost you anything at all. Alternatively, try rethinking your storage solutions. Pull-out drawers in a cupboard instantly make every spare inch of space usable. Unexpected costs of being a landlord
  5. Create a feature wall. Wallpaper is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to an old kitchen. You can either cover the entire wall, or create a feature wall for a cheaper but equally stunning look. Make sure you choose wallpaper that is specially designed for the kitchen so it is heat and steam resistant. Signs of a good tenant?
  6. Change your cabinet doors and handles. If the basic structure of your kitchen is in good condition, you can change the look of the room by simply replacing the cabinet doors and handles. You could even try a mix-and-match look by replacing just the wall or base cupboard doors of your existing kitchen. Sleek white doors and handles will give you a modern feel, while inexpensive wooden or distressed doors can bring a county look to the room. How to handle bad tenants?
  7. Liven up your scheme with accessories. Accessories will brighten your kitchen in an instant and you can choose a theme to bring the look together. Display selected items on open shelves and think about reorganising your worktop so you only have your favourites on show. If you have a dresser, this is the perfect place to show off neat stacks of crockery, cups and glassware. Tax implications of being a landlord
  8. Buy new appliances. New appliances and can refresh your kitchen without changing any of the furniture. You’ll need to ensure that they will fit into the existing space, though,. Freestanding appliances can be replaced more easily. Also, consider upgrading to energy-efficient models to save on electricity.
  9. Install extra lighting. Ideally, you should have task lights, such as spotlights, over the worktops, halogen bulbs on the extractor and overhead lighting with ambient light in a dining area. Always use a qualified electrician for anything complicated – visit the Electrical Contractors’ Association at to find one in your area.
  10. Update kitchen walls. Painting the walls is a great way to give a kitchen a fresh, new look without breaking the bank – and, best of all, you can do it in a day. If you have wooden units, opt for a splash of colour and paint a feature wall, or all the walls, in one of the season’s latest shades.
  11. Refresh the sink. Sinks add distinctive character to a kitchen and you can change the feel of yours in a jiffy by adding a white butler sink for a country look, a stainless steel design for a contemporary feel or a distinctive copper one to make a real statement. Think carefully about how you use your sink – you might find one with a large double bowl or an integrated drainer is more practical if you don’t have a dishwasher.
  12.  Introduce vintage furniture. It’s easy to give an industrial slant to your kitchen and introduce a completely different feel with vintage furniture. Scour charity shops, car boot sales, reclamation yards and even skips (ask the homeowner first before you take anything) – after all, what’s one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure! Old stools teamed with a row of stylish pendant lights can be used to create an edgy breakfast bar.
  13. Make a statement with lights. Shed new light on a kitchen scheme by incorporating dramatic ceiling lights. Oversized metal pendants are the perfect way to make a statement and introduce an industrial feel. Hang them over a table or island to create a focal point and provide both task and mood lighting. If you choose a smaller design, follow the stylist’s tip and hang them in threes for maximum impact.
  14.  Alter the splashback. Splashbacks are perfect for protecting kitchen walls. Glass and stainless steel can be expensive options, but sometimes less is more and you can use a small amount to make a statement. Tiles, on the other hand, are a good budget buy and a great opportunity to add colour and pattern, although grouting needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent mould and mildew. Take your pick from the standard size, mosaic or brick, and a selection of materials including ceramic, glass and stone.

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