Landlord Regulations

At Blue Crystal, we’ve been managing properties in West London for many years. We know that initially, you might be surprised to know that there are more legal steps involved when letting a property then selling it.
You don’t only have national rules and regulations: you also have the local ones. You need to know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and your tenant’s ones.

For this reason, in this category archive, we aim to explain very clearly the main landlord regulations.

From the minute you sign a contract, your tenants will probably always call upon you to make repairs.
For this reason, in this category, we explain the main landlord regulations from your statutory repairing obligations. Also, we share tips on how to make sure that the tenants will make the eventual repairs to a certain standard.

Check your lease when letting your property

Check your lease when letting your property

All flats and some freehold properties, especially the ones located on managed estates are subject to covenants affecting how the property is to be used and setting rules for when and to whom the property might be let. It is important for Property Owners and their...